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EMB Nerd Supply Kit


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Support your Nerds buy picking up the official EMB Nerd Supply Kit. We designed this kit to contain the most necessary items we believe EVERY shop needs.

Each tin contains a USB drive, preloaded with several embroidery designs. These designs were generously provided by some of the greatest digitizers in The Embroidery Nerd Group on Facebook. You’ll find some designs by Justin Armenta at JA Digitizing Studios, Jeff Fuller at Fuller Embroidery Works, Jerilee Medearis, Matthew Enderle at PatchPhrase, and Ramona McKee at Quick2Stitch.

We decided to include two bobbins of our favorite kind, the elusive magnetic bobbins. We have found these to provide the smoothest and most consistent tension across many different embroidery machine brands. These bobbins normally cost a bit more than your regular bobbins, but it’s worth it. That’s why we included them, so you can see if they are right for you.


1x EMB Nerd branded thread snip
1x EMB Nerd branded USB drive (4GB)
2x White Mag-tec Bobbin (size L)



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