Breaking Down the Basics: 3d Puff on Hats



Join The Embroidery Nerd’s first webinar, hosted by the award winning Justin Armenta from JA Digitizing Studios and industry innovator Jeff Fuller from Fuller Embroidery Works as they present a webinar on 3D Puff.

Discover what materials you need, how to hoop the hat and foam, and finally the best practices to clean up the design. They will explain the basics to digitizing for 3D Puff so you can better communicate with your digitizer about the terminology and types of stitches and techniques used.

Learn some of the greatest tips and tricks that helped them land their successful careers in professional digitizing. They will share their techniques on how to optimize the sewing and the post production steps to achieve the quality that is guaranteed to get your customers to come back for more.

You can’t afford to miss this one!

Replay Notice:
This webinar has already aired, so questions will not be taken on the webinar. Please feel free to ask them on the Facebook group, discord, or use the emails provided at the end of the webinar.

File Release Notice:
The files used in this webinar are available for download when you register for this webinar. You will receive an email with a download code.


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