Blending for Shading Part II



Blending for Shading Part2
Not Software Specific, these are techniques that may be done on any digitizing Software.

Now that we know how to Blend Colors, let us see how to use those colors to create shapes and to give those shapes volume and definition! First, a quick review of Blending, then…
Learn the basic principles of Shading, how to take a flat image and through Blending and Shading give it shape. Learn what colors recede and what colors come forward and how to apply this to your stitch techniques. Watch as a design takes shape using Blends you have learned to create. Receive our Apple Design for attending.

If you missed part one you can purchase it here
Blend 1

About your teacher:

Considered the master of Blending, Lee Caroselli Barnes, owner of Balboa Threadworks Embroidery Design is known for her innovation and excellence in the Digitizing. Her classes share secrets that will make your career memorable. Her 37 years in the Embroidery Industry began with retail stores that are now the pattern for today's small shops. She, and her brother, Keith, were responsible for groundbreaking techniques that have revolutionized the Embroidery world. The quality of the Balboa Designs and Videos, along with the willingness to share her secrets, is why she is a member of the Embroidery Hall of Fame.
As a Licensed Distributor and Authorized Trainer for Wilcom Software, Lee shares these secrets in a format that allows you to use any software!


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