NeedleEase Tool Review

NeedleEase is one of the tools we think every embroidery shop should have. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small home embroidery machine with one needle, or you’re running several 12 head machines.

The NeedleEase saves you so much time in replacing broken needles on your machines by assisting in aligning them in the needle bar.

You can purchase one on their website here.

How it works

Inside the NeedleEase tool there is a little point that can be retracted and extended to hold the needle. When the needle is inserted the point clicks into what is called the Long Groove, of which is colored blue in the CAD file I mocked up below. After it clicks the needle is no longer able to rotate. This keeps the front of the needle oriented to the handle. Ensuring you perfect alignment. You can then use the tool as a handle to put the needle in.

Using the NeedleEase

Operating the NeedleEase is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. When I first started I stumbled, but that’s because I was doing it wrong. Once I was corrected I couldn’t believe I was swapping needles without one.

The procedure goes like this. You grab the tool and pull back on the driver, on mine it’s the green sliding piece. When you do that there is a point that gets recessed into the shaft, allowing you to insert the needle like the above photo.

You can see how the tool holds the needle with the scarf away from the handle. This is to facilitate easy installation into the machine. In order to get it to this position you simply place the needle in and release the slide. Slide the needle to the point where it starts to get thicker in the diameter and rotate the needle until you either hear or feel a click. It should become harder to twist it now.

Now you’re ready to place it into the machine. Just insert the needle through the hole in the presser foot and then into the hole of the needle bar. Pull back on the collar when you tighten the screw and you now inserted the needle.

Disclaimer: While the inventor of the NeedleEase is in the group and a contributer to the website, the content of the article is based of our experiences with it when we were independent of the inventor and are our personal opinions. We personally bought our own units and were not commercially endorsed. This article was posted prior to any partnerships and did not influence our review.