Hatch: Creating a Custom Thread Chart

Thread charts are very important to me as I usually send a screenshot of the patches I do from Hatch to my clients. If the colors don’t match what I have on my shelf that can be a problem. It could mean that I need to extend my production time a week until I receive a new spool.

What’s the point?

By default Hatch ships with the “Hatch Default” thread chart selected. To me it’s pretty useless other than getting generalized colors. There’s not a thread company that uses Hatch’s codes that I could find.

Hatch does have a majority of lile Angelking, Brother, Coats, Coats Sylko, Floriani, Fufu Rayon, Gunold, Gunold+Stickma, Isacord, Madeira, Mettler, Robison-Anton, Silky, ThreadArt, and several more.

I specialize in Military patches, and the USAF OCP patches can only have five colors. Instead of having to find them in a color chart of several hundred, I have one with just one with the five colors.

Looking at the screenshot on the left you can see the five colors. I essentially color matched them to the authorized colors and copied the threads from the provided ones included with Hatch.

Here’s the video guide!