Gunold’s Nerd Sale

Gunold recently extended an opportunity to give every Nerd ten percent off site-wide. This is perfect for if you are either restocking your lovely Twilly collection, or you were on the fence of trying some of their premium products.

Getting your discount code is as simple as this:

  1. Add your items to your cart
  2. Continue to the Shipping info of the Checkout Process
  3. Enter “EMB NERD” into the special remarks section.
  4. Complete the order.

Your discount will be applied manually by Gunold’s sales team, after the order is processed. They don’t currently have the ability to do a coupon code, so this is the way they set it up.

We’d like to also add that this is NOT an affiliate program. We, the staff here at The Embroidery Nerd, do not get a kickback from your order. We were given the ability to use the discount as well.