First Ever Digitizing Contest 5/2020

We wanted to throw out the first Embroidery Nerd Challenge!!!  Today, we ask you to put on your digitizing caps and grab your artistic skills.  Bring it all to the table.  What we challenge YOU to do is to digitize the word Ka-chunk using the most Creative, innovative, or Artistic Gadzook you can. Be sure your vertex are correct and your counters are visible. If your not sure what we mean by all of this check out this awesome link on youtube by Erich Campbell Here: Jargon: Terms from Design and Embroidery Defined. Be sure to subscribe so you can catch future episodes from The Takeup.


What can you win? We have several prizes to give out. Everyone who enters will receive a 15% off coupon for use on the Needlease website, you can’t beat that!  So get creative and show us what you can do!

Grand Prize

The grand prize will be a Hookwash and NeedleEase Bundle sponsored by HookWash. The bundle contains Two cans of HookWash, and one NeedleEase tool. Both of these are recommended for every embroidery shop, from home to commercial sizes. You can get more information on Hookwash and NeedleEase at

NeedleEase and Hookwash Bundle


The runner-up will receive an EMB Nerd branded snips with a Dri Duck EMB Nerd hat.

How to Enter:

You can enter by Emailing the the picture of your sew out along with the .dst file to [email protected]


–         Must feature the word Ka-chunk, using any style of Gadzook. Application can be for any medium (hats, patches, shirts, flat embroidered artwork).

–          Pictures of Actual Sew outs.  Digital renders are not going to be counted as a official entry.  If you would like to participate then you need to sew it out and post a picture.

–          We need an actual picture of your sew out emailed along with the .dst file to [email protected]

–          Must be a file YOU YOURSELF have digitized. No hiring big guns. Any attempts to fool this rule will result in disqualification from this contest.

–          Contest will be close on at 12:00PM CST on 5-22-2020. Winners will be contacted shortly after.

Terms and Conditions
Contest is open to residents of the United States due to shipping restrictions. You must be 18 or older to participate. Winners will be picked by the EMBroidery Nerd Team and be notified by email. All photo entries are released to have pictures used by the EMBroidery Nerd site, and or facebook page, and or instagram feed. If you have any questions you can reach the EMBroidery Nerd team at the email listed above, our Facebook page, or our Facebook group.